Funded Undergraduate Research in Robotics and Machine Learning


We are looking for an exceptionally talented undergraduate student eager to join a research project involving mobile robotics, machine learning and computer vision until the end of 2016. We are developing novel deep learning algorithms that will enable a mobile robot to understand the environment in which it operates in a human-like way, as well as plan and execute complex actions in large environments (CSE building).

As an undergraduate researcher, you will be:

  • Developing components of the robotic system in ROS to enable long-term multi-floor navigation of our robot
  • Developing large-scale, interactive robotic simulations
  • Assisting with the experiments involving the mobile robot performing actions in the CSE building
  • Implementing our ML algorithms for robot environment understanding

We are primarily interested in students that would like to commit to a research project starting immediately and until the end of 2016. The project offers interesting opportunities to work with real robots, learn more about AI and apply the acquired knowledge to real world problems. You will work primarily with me (Dr. Andrzej Pronobis) and Prof. Rajesh Rao and in the Robotics and State Estimation Lab.

Logistics: We offer research funding and CSE499, CSE498A or CSE498B credits.


Students with following qualifications are encouraged to apply:

  • Good knowledge of Linux and experience with development on Linux systems
  • Very good, demonstrated coding skills in Python and/or C++ as well as shell scripting
  • Familiarity with standard development tools: CMake, gcc, gdb, git
  • Previous experience with research projects and proven ability to design and implement scientific algorithms
  • Coursework and/or experience in robotics, computer vision, pattern recognition, machine learning is a plus


To apply, please send:

  • Resume
  • Transcript
  • List of interesting previous projects and/or open-source contributions
to Dr. Andrzej Pronobis (