Semantic Mapping with Mobile Robots

A. Pronobis

PhD thesis, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, 2011.


Included Papers


Dora, the robot, exploiting probabilistic semantic spatial knowledge under uncertain sensing for efficient object search. The robot is instructed to find cornflakes in a house. Instead of just exhaustively searching everywhere, Dora is equipped with probabilistic reasoning and planning using the probabilistic knowledge captured in the semantic map.

Video illustrating the real-time experiments during which the robot constructs a semantic map of a large-scale indoor office environment. The semantic mapping algorithm exploits object information, appearance, geometry and topology. The video is best viewed full screen in HD on the YouTube page.

A mobile robot searching for an object in a large-scale unknown indoor environment. The system is based on a tight integration between a domain-independent planning algorithm and a semantic mapping component.

Video presenting real-time experiments with multi-modal place classification and semantic annotation of space using vision and laser range data.


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